Insight To Help You Get The Most Out Of Residential Propane Delivery

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Insight To Help You Get The Most Out Of Residential Propane Delivery

21 March 2020
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Propane service to your home provides you with fuel for your gas-powered heating system and also for your stove for cooking. When your home has this type of service, you need to keep a good supply of propane; this can best be accomplished with a propane delivery service. A propane delivery service brings the propane to you and helps you avoid having to take empty tanks to refill each week or month. The following are some recommendations and insights to help you get the most out of your home's propane usage:

Do You Need a Tank?

If your home does not have a propane tank installed on your property, either because you recently switched to a propane service or you have just built your home, you will need to make arrangements to have a tank set up. There are several different options to get a tank on your property, which you will have professionally filled to keep your home supplied with propane.

You can buy a tank or you can rent a tank from your propane supplier. Talk to the company about the tanks they provide and the cost for each size. If you choose to buy a tank, make sure your propane supplier will be able to fill the tank with their delivery service. Some propane companies require you to use their tanks. 

If you can buy your own tank, you can buy a new one or look for a used one that is still in great condition. Some older tanks that are still in good condition can actually be made with thicker steel to make them safer and more durable. Because the price of steel has gone up over the years, older tanks were made of thicker steel.

You also have the option of burying your propane tank beneath the soil, or installing the tank on a stand in your yard. Communicate with your propane supplier to find out what installation options are available to you.

How to Handle an Empty Tank

It is a good idea to sign up for automatic propane delivery with your local propane supplier. Look for a propane tank that has readings which your propane supplier can keep tabs on so they can refill it when it gets too low. It is not a good idea to let your tank run out completely; this can pose a danger to you because the tank and its line have lost pressure. 

If you don't have automatic delivery yet and you run out of propane, shut off all your propane-using appliances and the propane tank, then contact your propane delivery service for a tank refill. Be sure to let them know your tank is empty so they can refill it and make sure all your home's propane appliances are once again working with a supply of propane.