3 Tips To Help Ensure You Don't Run Out Of Propane This Winter

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3 Tips To Help Ensure You Don't Run Out Of Propane This Winter

23 March 2020
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Many homes around the country rely on propane to fuel their heating system during the winter months. If you live in a house that has a propane-powered heating system, it is important to be prepared if you want to ensure that your home is warm and comfortable all winter long. Luckily, preparing your home for winter when you rely on propane to power your heating system isn't overly difficult or complicated. Use the following tips to make sure that you don't run out of propane this winter:

Have Your Heating System Tuned Up

If you want to ensure that your propane lasts, one of the best things that you can do is have your home's heating system tuned up during the fall months. When you have your heating system tuned up by an experienced HVAC technician, all components will be inspected and parts will be lubricated. This will help the heating system run as efficiently as possible when it is used day in and day out during the winter. When a heating system is running as efficiently as possible, it will use less propane each day.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

When your heating system uses propane, the last thing you want to do is heat up your home when no one is there. However, most people don't want to come home to a freezing house and have to wait for the heating system to warm up the interior. A simple solution is to install a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can set when you want the heating system to run. Thus, you can leave the temperature in your home cooler when it is empty, and set the thermostat to turn on shortly before everyone gets home so your house is comfortable when you arrive.

Check Your Propane Tank Regularly

The vast majority of homes that rely on propane store their propane in a tank. Thus, it is important to monitor the amount of propane inside a tank throughout the winter to make sure that your propane supply is not extremely low.The last thing that you want is for your heating system to stop working on a very cold night because you have used the last of your propane. Checking your propane tank regularly is your best bet — when you see that the amount of propane left in the tank is getting low, you can make arrangements to have more propane delivered.