Solar Panel Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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Solar Panel Care and Maintenance Tips You Should Know

5 November 2021
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Solar energy is gaining popularity all over the world. As such, more homeowners are investing in solar energy as it has proved sustainable. Installing an excellent solar system means you'll enjoy years of renewable solar energy. 

Unfortunately, most people neglect their solar panels once they are installed. Well, that shouldn't be the case because you rely on solar panels to produce energy. Neglecting your solar panels means that they'll lose their efficiency and age pretty fast. So, don't be surprised if you're constantly calling technicians to repair your solar panels, yet you haven't been taking care of them. Here are some solar maintenance tips you should know.

Clean Your Panels Often

Solar panels are installed in open spaces, meaning they'll always be exposed to dust, dirt, and debris. While rainwater can wash away most of the dust and dirt, you can't rely on it to clean solar panels. You have to take some responsibility and ensure your panels remain clean throughout the year.

Cleaning your solar panels is a simple process that doesn't require experience. You only need plain water and a sponge to clean a solar panel. Some people will even opt to spray water on the panels using a hosepipe. The idea is to get rid of the dust, pollen, or foreign objects from the panels. Remember to avoid using harsh cleaning solutions or anything abrasive to clean your solar panels. 

Have Them Inspected Often

Most people assume that solar panels don't need to be inspected. As such, they tend to ignore inspection services and end up paying for repair services instead. Maintaining your solar panels doesn't necessarily mean you should be directly involved. 

Sometimes it's all about having an expert inspect the solar panels. By checking the condition of the panels, a technician can tell if any repairs are needed. Besides, the technician will also inspect the entire system to ensure that everything is okay.

Monitor the Shade

Solar panels should be exposed to long hours of sunlight to produce enough energy. As such, you need to ensure there are no trees preventing sunlight from reaching your panels. As you well know, trees grow over time, and they'll eventually cast shadows on the roof. If that happens, you need to have them trimmed or cut down altogether. So, always ensure your solar panels are positioned in the best possible location.

By following the above tips, you'll hardly complain about your solar panel's efficiency. Contact a solar company to learn more.